A Culture of Change: Yvonne Heath's Mission to Create Support in an Uncertain World

In this episode of The Curvy Life, Suzie Carr chats with inspirational author, speaker and TV host, Yvonne Heath about some of the challenges she's faced and how she learned to deal with them with an open mind and heart.

Why should we talk about grief before it arrives? Because grief shows no mercy. It arrives unannounced and uninvited. It does not care what else you are going through. And it does not care if you’ve had enough. Grief is a part of this journey. It doesn’t matter what the problem. Divorce, diagnosis, job loss, mental health issues, your kid going to jail because guess what? I have been there. And was that challenging? Ah, yes, it broke my heart. Tyler, who was an avid snowboarder, he had a big knee injury. And for a sixteen year old boy, snowboarding was everything. This was the start for him. This slippery slope into drugs, and alcohol. It was like a five year of trying to save my son from himself. Here's the thing - your heart is so much more resilient than you give it credit for or you are. Your heart can be broken into a million pieces. It will be battered. It will be scarred. It will be never be the same, But, it can heal if you learn to show up for yourself and allow others to show up for you. And allow love for yourself and allow others to love you. And that heart of yours can heal. It’s incredible. - Yvonne Heath

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