Reclaiming Life through Weight Loss | The Curvy Life

In this episode of The Curvy Life, I chat with Rosie Moore, an inspiring woman who has reclaimed her life and health through a major mental and physical weight loss.

Rosie talks about the circumstances that led to her weight gain and loss, and the triggers she still confronts and triumphs over. She decided one day that her life was worth living, and so changed in order to grow. Today, she inspires people through her positive mindset, posts, and overall love for life and all it offers.


Teaser for ths episode:


About The Curvy Life:

This podcast inspires through the stories of brave women who have faced and embraced the curves of life. Guests of the show are encouraged to share their fears, insights, and triumphs. In doing so, they will prove that even though life tosses curves, those curves don't have to define or destroy them.

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