Finding Love in the Wake of Abandonment

In this episode of The Curvy Life, I chat with the Ambassador of Happiness, Maura Sweeney. Maura decided early on that she wanted a happy life, despite the abandonment she suffered as a child. For Maura, “Living Happy – Inside Out” is more than a slogan. It’s a well-honed life mantra for someone who left behind outside expectations to find inner happiness and life purpose.

This Author, Podcaster, former HuffPost blogger and frequent media guest is also an international speaker on influence, leadership and emotional intelligence. As catalyst for a better society, Maura Sweeney helps individuals find their voice, entrepreneurs develop their brand and leaders emerge into their highest and most authentic versions of self.  

In Maura Sweeney’s own words:

My curve in life has been one of abandonment. I was born into a family where I was occupying a space, but never really a member of the family. It wasn't like I could go to a mother or a father who were particularly sensitive or loving to me. So, there was no safe place to go. So, I realized that I had to learn how to take care of myself.

I had to learn as a young child to find my own strength on the inside. That whole thing, as uncomfortable as it was, actually totally worked to my advantage today. And so really it helped me gain a lot of wisdom.

It's forgiven. I'm not carrying it with me. I'm not going to put a chip on my shoulder. Why do that? Because there's always a sense of protection that needs to come. There's a sense of being a victim, being a martyr. Whenever we do that, it's like we close up our heart, and our heart is made to shine. Our heart is made to love.

Sometimes you could be the one person in somebody's life. You could say one word and change everything about the course of their life.

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