From the Edge of Suicide to Unstoppable: A Blogger's Triumph

In this episode of The Curvy Life, Suzie Carr chats with Canadian-based freelance writer, editor, certified English teacher, and blogger, Lorraine Reguly about her challenging journey starting at  the age of fourteen, through a suicide attempt, drugs, and hitting rock bottom to where she is today - an unstoppable success dedicated to helping others triumph as well.

In Lorraine's Own Words

When I was 14 I was raped and I was a virgin at the time and that traumatic event led to a snowball effect of a lot of negative things in my life as a result I didn't know how to cope.

I ended up turning to drugs and drinking to try and cope with you know numbing my feelings and trying to deal with the horrific event that happened to me and I even attempted suicide.

It wasn't until my appendix burst that I had a real life-changing moment because I was literally dying at that point. It opened my eyes because I didn't want to die without saying goodbye to my son and I didn't want to die because I hadn't achieved my dreams.  

I had suicidal thoughts my whole entire life and always said I want to end my life. I want to end it all. But, it wasn't my life I wanted to end. It was the pain that I wanted to end.  

I used to always think you know why did this happen to me? Being raped obviously didn't serve anybody. Why did I go through this? Well, something good came out of all of that negativity. I finally know why. It's to share my experiences in helping inspire other people and help offer hope to other people.

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