Trusting in the Process of Life

Learning to trust in the process of life for Julie Veitch has been her game changer. After the death of her beloved sister, she began to ask herself questions that caused her to grow and nurture a life full of purpose.

In Julie's Own Words:

The curveball that in 1986 and lasted until 1995 was when my sister was diagnosed as HIV positive as a result of a tainted blood tranfusion.

She would actually yell at me and get really upset and say, you know, Julie you need to really, really explore your deeper purpose. You need to make your life count because I don't get to - because I'm going to die and you're not.

The compelling part began of needing to dig deeper and really ask the powerful questions of like who am I? What's the point of my life? Because you have to ask some questions before you can figure out how to make it count.

After allowing my emotions to move, I would feel stronger. And, I would feel more ready to tackle the next day, the next curveball that was contained within that bigger curveball.

And now as I look back, I feel so blessed and I smile at the organic way that the universe has helped me unfold, to trust my process. And, it's years in the making of truly trusting that there's something larger at play than me. That I must trust.

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