Fearless: How a Tick Bite Transformed Darla Baker’s Life

In this episode of The Curvy Life, Suzie Carr chats with inspirational author, podcaster, and publisher, Darla Baker, about how Lyme disease created one of the greatest gifts in her life.

Darla Baker’s career encompasses a diverse list of roles including best-selling author, publisher, podcast host, and software engineer. As founder and president of the nonprofit publishing house, Stone Soup Community Press, Baker is an advocate and mentor for writers of lesbian fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. Her book series, Thalia Chase: Sex Therapist, was an Amazon best-seller.

In Darla's Own Words

"Two years ago my life has changed so much all because I got bit by a tick and that has been the absolute best thing that has ever happened to me. I went to the doctor did some, did some blood work I said oh you know you have Lyme disease. It was a horrible experience in the moment, but at the same time it's just phenomenal how it changed my life. I started writing. I wrote a journal entry to sort of talk about my feelings and and that turned into a scene and the scene turned into a book and that exercise of writing got me out of my sorrow. I wanted to die. And I was afraid I was going to die. When you expose yourself you have two options: to hide or expose and and so writing a book forced me to expose in a small way that I made much larger and so I don't feel like hiding anymore. The majority of people when they're facing something they create a self-inflicted prison a self-inflicted box with that limits their choices. At any moment of time,  you have an infinite number of possibilities. You're never truly boxed in. Be open to take the curve. Just stay open to those possibilities. Don't hold on so tightly and grasp risk. You just embrace risk and and be fearless." Darla Baker, author, podcaster, and software engineer.

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